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Heat Transfer System换热系统


We have been engaged in the R & D, design, construction and sales of heat transfer products for a long time. We could conduct thermal calculation, structure selection and design, strength check, production and supply according to their process requirements. Meanwhile, we have capability of modularization, could provide customers with complete heat transfer system in module. With our long-tested brand and integration ability, we are sure to create sustainable success for you.



Dimple Jacket Heating Technology


Dimple jacket is one of the heating technologies for process equipment. This technology specially adopts steam heating and cost-effective and high heating efficiency, meanwhile reduces the weight of equipment and fabrication cost and improves the operation safety. So far we are the unique supplier having experience in the design and manufacture of super high pressure dimple jacket in China. We have been keeping good relationship with design institutes and workshops and successfully achieved the supplying missions for key equipment within local market.


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