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过程设备解决方案Process Equipment Solutions



① 国内目前极少数具有超高压蜂窝夹套设备设计和制作经验的供应商

Process Equipment Solutions

Basic design, selection & optimization, modification & improvement, repairing, etc.

Application: diverse complete sets or single processing equipment (storage, reaction, distillation, sterilization, heat exchange, filtration, wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment, sludge treatment, gas treatment, oil treatment, etc.), structural parts, pipelines, etc 

    One of precious few technical solution providers and suppliers for superhigh pressure dimple jacketed equipment in China;

    Dedicated in R & D, design and construction of mixing unit;

    Supplying experience for irregular structural and equipment;

    Technical renovation & reform experience for major key equipment;

    Design & supplying experience for heavy and high precision steel structures;

    10+ years design & manufacturing experience in ASME & BS & DIN & ISO;

    10+ years international trading & engineering management experience.




Equipment Modularization Technology

Our company has the complete capability and could help you on the modularization works for small-middle sized equipment / plant. We could realize modularization according to customer’s process design and requirements of function & performance. Our integrated services regularly include design, construction, installation and commissioning.

We are proficient at the relevant laws, regulations and standards for the modularization works in environmental, oil and gas, power, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, and could undoubtedly ensure the safety and quality of equipment.


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