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Yottawit was established in 2011, named as Shanghai Yottawit Trading Co., Ltd.. We started to provide products and services for projects of process industries. 

We changed our name to Shanghai Yottawit Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. And we just opened a new page for our business development. Beside the materials supplying, we were strive to develop diverse competences in engineering, procurement, construction and project management to support our customers their projects. Meanwhile, we wish this will turn us onto the way of becoming an engineering and technology company. 

MEMO of Growth

2011, Yottawit was established to provide special materials and services for project in process industries.

2013, successfully delivered mechanical parts for one famous Euro customer, and collected very precious experience for the manufacturing of complicated structures. The parts was designed with complicated & irregular structure, severe quality requirements. And it is the first time manufacturing in China.

The same year, successfully delivered 11 process equipments within the utmost short time of 45 days for one China-led pipeline project oversea; We gave a certain contribution to the successful completion of the project, and meanwhile won the customer’s praise.

2014, changed to Shanghai Yottawit Industrial Systems Co., Ltd, strive to be a fully-integrated service provider in materials supplying and process plants construction.

2017, became one of the precious few technical solution providers and suppliers for superhigh pressure dimple jacketed equipment in China.

The same year, grew to be a mixing unit integrator and supplier with competence of R & D, system integration and supplying; provide high efficient & quality solutions to satisfy the harsh working conditions with diverse feedstocks and variable processes; became one of the precious few mixing plant suppliers for emulsion and glue with high-viscosity.

2020, We achieved a great milestone in WWP(waste water processing). The 1st exporting order opened the new page of our business. The company began to have the engineering & supplying capability for engineered equipment of WWP.

2022, successfully completed the export of 2 lime saturators (clarifier type), and set the 1st and new record of  such equipment export in large & complete size (ID8.0m). This project fully demonstrated our experience and capability in super-large equipment design, manufacturing, project management and so on. 













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