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GM's Address

In this celebrating year, we are very proud here to announce Yottawit is ready for any call from markets where we focus on. As a dedicated project materials & services expert in process industry, we commit to deliver quality products and services for your success. 

As a safety conscious employer, we conduct our operations strictly under applicable laws and regulations. We completely support the community-n-environment by doing whatever we could to reduce emission and create green. We will continue to improve product design, materials use, manufacturing process and office working to reduce emission and make a little contribution to green environment. 

Our people are always the basic asset of business. In Yottawit, we respect each other, value differentiation and keep the commitment for their going upwards. All-level training helps them demonstrate professionally and correctly in transactions. A family-like environment is always a pursuit which makes us connect well.

Every employee of Yottawit has been inbreathed with our end vision which is satisfying our customers!

We hope hear you soon! 






TEL:0086 21 3466 2088

FAX:0086 21 3466 2088

MAIL:info@yottawit.com / sales@yottawit.com

ADD:Block 1, 5500# Yuanjiang Road, Minhang Borough, Shanghai, P.R.C.