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Inspection & Survellance

We provide inspection & surveillance for protecting your products, shortening time, improving quality, saving operation cost and reducing project risk. Our service is wide and mainly includes process equipments & units, structures, construction materials and other relevant works.

We have a rich subcontractor database and experts for various products required in a process project. We commit to using qualified engineers for the most accurate service.

      我们专业提供检验、监造服务,为您的产品提供专业的保护,缩短交货期,提升产品质量,节省运营成本,降低工程建设风险。服务范围广泛,主要涉及工程建设中的工艺设备 & 装置、结构件、建筑材料和其他工程建设相关工作。



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