The Supply Chain

We provide a fully integrated service in the supply chain of plant construction, and make out giant values for project operations. Whatever a little accessory or bulk material, we can always treat professionally and make it remarkable.


Procurement Services
采   购   服   务
▲A Procurement Contractor Of Project Materials & MRO Materials Of Process Industry

We have met the challenges of diverse supply demands by providing efficient supply and delivery solutions to customers under a single point of contact and responsibility.
We are present and help at every step of a project construction, such as civil works, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and MRO.
Our supply has wide range covering civil works materials, production lines & modules, process equipments, pipelines & fittings, instruments, structural, construction machines & facilities, etc.
We offer efficient and cost-effective services in a whole supply chain including feasibility consultancy of procurement, design, supplier consultancy, commercial & technical negotiations, manufacturing, inspection, surveillance, transportation, storage, etc.
What Features We Bring To You:
1, Focus on development of your core competence;
2, Spread procurement risk, reduce abnormal loss of materials;
3, Reduce transaction costs and time, thereby reducing procurement costs.

Process Equipments, SKIDs, Components, Structures, Facilities 工艺设备、系统模块、零件、结构件和生产工具等
Oil & Gas:
pipeline materials including pipes, pipe fittings, fuel storage tanks, etc; Machines and components for oil / gas exploration (drilling, mining, other facilities)

pressure vessels, towers, tanks, heat exchangers, separators, evaporators, high pressure reactors, turbines, etc; Pipe & pipe fittings, structural, other components & spare parts, etc

boilers & accessories, fuel economizer, air pre-heater, chimney, ducts, finned tubes, membrane wall, boiler supporting structures, etc; Generators (gasoline/diesel, gas, solar, wind & magnet), turbines, UPS, power system components else (solar panels, wind power towers, etc)

PW / WFI tanks, pressure vessels & reactors, turbines, freeze dryer, filters, pipe &pipe fittings, aluminum structures, etc.

storage tanks, pressure vessels & reactors, mixers, heat exchangers, filters, pipe &pipe fittings, machine frame & components, etc

cleaning, separation & filtration, mixing, sterilization, fuel storage & supplying control, LNG related, standby power supply, etc







Valves, pumps, motors , switches, control boxes, batteries, transformers, DC cabinet, meters, cables, inverter, , LCD & LED,  sensors, voice/image acquisition components, frequency transformers, PLC, etc
Construction Machines & Materials建筑机械和材料
Construction machines & facilities, steel structures, special steel plate, rebars, choi sheets, aluminum structures, cements, etc


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