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We strive to provide engineering services for small-middle process systems and integrated devices / equipments. We can always realize the safety and efficiency through our unique design, and meet the requirements of cost and sustainability


R & D研发

We provide R & D services for small-middle process systems and integrated devices / equipments, and we collected abundant experiences through offering quality and high efficient proposals and solutions.

Our engineers are always passionate and familiar with main international standards, material performance and component compatibility. We can always inspire out unique ideas in process calculation, structure design, equipment selection, control, system integration.

Our final target is a perfect integrated system with smooth operation, safety and high efficiency.


Technical Renovation技术改造

We provide engineering service for new technology application, optimize structure of device, improve automation, improve safety, capacity and efficiency. 


Customized Services定制服务

Develop drawings or engineering according to customers’ process technology, basic design, technical requirements, concept, etc.



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