HSE Commitment
It is our policy to design, produce, market, and distribute our products and services and to conduct our operations in an environmentally sound, socially responsible manner. We consider the impact our actions may have on the environment and on the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers, and the public. 

Yottawit is committed to:

Providing safe working conditions to protect the health and safety of employees

Reducing waste, preventing pollution, conserving resources, and using energy efficiently in all our operations

Complying with all applicable environmental, health, and safety legislation and regulations, as well as any other requirements to which the company subscribes 

Continually improving environment, health, and safety management systems and performance by establishing and maintaining meaningful objectives and targets, taking into consideration significant environment, health, and safety aspects, technological options, and legal, operational, business, and other requirements 

Establishing and maintaining procedures to identify the potential for, and response to, accidents and emergency situations, and preventing and mitigating the impacts associated with them

Training employees to work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner 

Effectively managing and promptly resolving impacts from historical operations in a manner that minimizes risks and liabilities while accommodating current operations 

Periodically monitoring, auditing and evaluating environment, health, and safety performance as it relates to applicable requirements and established objectives and targets 

Each employee of Yottawit is responsible for supporting these commitments within his or her area of responsibility.


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