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Who We Are

We are the full-spectrum solutions provider offering reliable products and services in process industries (e.g. environmental, oil & gas, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, food and other industries).

We offer you efficient & cost-effective solutions for installation & construction works, engineering, specialized equipment, general equipment & materials, instruments, labour services, etc. Daring to be the first, we have always been positive and professional facing the challenges from market. We successfully accomplished many key tasks and obtained many highly praised achievements. We are the leading supplier (or say the unique / very few supplier snaps the competence and experience) in specific equipment, integrated plants and high precision & complex components. Our customers spread over many countries, and most of them are well-known leading companies. Through interworking effects, it is resulting in our overall management and execution more internationalized, higher standard and higher efficient.

We constantly improve R & D and innovation system, solution output mechanism, as well as a number of available collaborative resources, so that prepare well to solve unseen problems for customers at any time, and make your project progress flies forward.

We run business strictly in compliance with QMS and relevant laws. Advanced skills are widely applied in the daily operation and management. We never stop the step for exploration and innovation to fit the development of our customers, and to improve our service experience. All we are doing is to satisfy our customers and support their sustainable development and the market ambition. 





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MAIL:info@yottawit.com / sales@yottawit.com

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