New Contract Awarded For The Supply Of WWP Equipment我司喜获污水处理设备供应订单
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Yottawit awarded a new contract to supply 2 flocculation clarifiers (clariflocculators) for our customer in the Middle East. The equipment will be used for the purification and reuse of waste water comes from the oil refinery plant. The all-in-one design will be applied for the equipment to realise the flocculation and clarification in one basin. We will take care of the process & structure design, fabrication and transportation. #waste_water_processing #environmental

   我司喜获新订单,将为某中东客户提供2套絮凝澄清池设备,用于石油炼化厂项目中的工业污水净化回用。该设备采用混凝澄清一体化结构,由我司负责设备的工艺和结构设计、制作和发运工作。 #污水处理设备 #环保设备 #澄清池


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