Congrats the successful shop test for clarifier scraper and mixer!祝贺澄清池试验成功!
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Recently, we successfully carried out the shop test for one clarifier. All performance indexes met the requirements of industry regulations and more excellent. All this benefits from our standardized process management, and adopting our company standard which is higher than required. The precision and properties of our product are far higher than our peers. The equipment will leave for the UAE soon. #waste_water_processing #environmental #clarifier
近日我司成功完成1台澄清池的车间试验,各项性能指标均符合行业规范要求,且更加优异。这一切得益于我司的标准化流程管理,在设计、制作环节采用高于同行业的企业标准,产品的加工精度、性能远高于同行水平。该设备将于近期出口中东地区。 #污水处理设备 #环保设备 #澄清池


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