Fw: Punj Lloyd bags Rs 312 cr contract from Saudi Aramco-Sinopec JV
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Punj Lloyd bags Rs 312 cr contract from Saudi Aramco-Sinopec JV

YASREF refinery at Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Punj Lloyd has received an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contract worth Rs 312 crores from Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company Ltd (YASREF) for a project in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. YASREF is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec).
The contract was awarded to Dayim Punj Lloyd Construction Contracting Company Ltd, a Punj Lloyd subsidiary, on a LSTK (lump-sum turnkey) basis for the clean fuels interfacing facilities project.
The project objective is to interface YASREF with the Aramco Yanbu refinery to supply low sulphur clean transportation fuel – diesel and gasoline – for domestic distribution. In addition, the pipeline system will also contain provision to transport YASREF refined products to the western regional pipeline hub. 
For this, Dayim Punj Lloyd Construction will install two new pipeline systems for diesel and gasoline to deliver YASREF refined products to Yanbu refinery (YR) for domestic distribution. The company will also modify three existing kerosene tanks inside Yanbu refinery by installation of internal floating roofs in order to adequately receive YASREF gasoline.
Commenting on the new contract, Atul Jain, director, Punj Lloyd, said, “This is the third contract by YASREF to Dayim Punj Lloyd which is reflective of the strong partnership that has been formed between YASREF and Punj Lloyd, focusing on quality, safety and successful delivery of projects.”
Prior to this contract, Punj Lloyd had successfully completed the offsite pipeline package and is due to complete the pipeline relocation. 
With this order, Punj Lloyd group’s order backlog stands at Rs 19,929 crores.

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