Yottawit Awarded A New Fabrication Order 我司喜获不锈钢设备供应订单
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After the  success of last order, Yottawit again awarded a new contract to supply 1 batch equipment components for Heinkel. The products with severe tolerance requirements are extremely difficult to achieve. We are one of the very few suppliers who have experience and processing technology in China. Meanwhile, it evidences again our leading position in the filed of high precision and complex stainless steel equipment fabrication in China. Heinkel is one leading company of 100+ years in drying and separation technology over the world. #SteelFabricationExpert# #ProjectMaterialsSupplying# #Welding&Machining#

     继上次订单成功完成后,我司再次喜获德国Heinkel公司新订单,将为客户供应一批高精度复杂不锈钢设备部件。产品的加工难度极高,我司是目前国内极少数拥有经验和加工技术的供应商。同时,再次有力佐证我司在高精度复杂不锈钢设备制造领域的领先地位。Heinkel是一家在干燥和分离技术领域里的领袖公司,拥有超过100多年历史。#钢制品加工专家# #工程物资供应# #铆焊机加工#


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