New Contract Awarded For The Supply Of WWP Equipment我司喜获污水处理设备供应订单
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Yottawit awarded a new contract to supply 2 clarifiers for one Hongkong govt project. One of the challeges for this order is getting the euipement at site in one complete piece because the diameter is 8.0m which brings challenges from fabricaiton to transportation. We are discipliined in egineering for a large equipment fabrication and suppling, and could precisely  provide an efficient solution. Definitely we will deliver another outstanding case with our technology experience.  #waste_water_processing #environmental #clarifier

   我司喜获新订单,将为香港政府某污水处理厂项目提供2套澄清池设备。该订单的最大挑战来自于设备的超大尺寸,并且需要依客户要求整体制作和发运至项目现场。我司在超大尺寸设备制作和供应上具有丰富的经验和可靠的资源,能够精准为客户设计出一套高效的解决方案。我司将利用自身在设备上的技术经验为客户奉上高品质的产品。#污水处理设备 #环保设备 #澄清池


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