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Congrats The Successful Delivery Of Lime Saturator!祝贺石灰饱和器顺利交付!
Source: | Author:Yottawit | Published time: 2022-07-09 | 1218 Views | Share:

We completed the delivery of lime saturators by 29th June. The equipment will arrive at Hong Kong by 9th July as estimated. It is a shop bespoke job for super-large equipment in one piece, and generated by the associated work by KWI and Yottawit.


The equipment will be used for one new seawater desalination plant which belongs to the Hong Kong Water Supply Department. The successful delivery of equipment fully demonstrated our professional experience and technical capability in the design and fabrication of super-large equipment, as well as the exploring and enterprising spirit. Thanks again to all those involved and her/his contribution to this project. #WasteWaterProcessing #environmental #clarifier



该设备属于特大型工厂整体预制产品,由我司和KWI公司联合承建。设备将用于香港水务所所属的某海水淡化工厂。设备的成功交付充分彰显了我司在特大型设备设计与制作上的专业经验和技术能力,以及勇于探索与进取的精神。再次感谢所有为此项目付出贡献的相关人员。#污水处理设备 #环保设备 #澄清池


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