The supply of process equipments for GTS’s projects医药工艺设备供应项目

We provided many process equipments for a famous euro pharma site for water purification and storage. In this case, YOTTAWIT offered a full range of service in the supplying including design, procurement, inspection & surveillance and transportation. We realized a safe and efficient service with our unique management skill and profession, meanwhile satisfied our customer’s pursuit of quality.


尧为陆续为一家欧洲知名药厂供应了多台专用过程设备,用于药厂水处理及纯水制备。尧为独特的管理技术和专业精神为客户提供安全高效的服务的同时,满足高端客户的品质追求。 尧为的工作范围主要包括设计、采购、检验与监造、运输。 


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