The machining service for aluminum structures Novartis new Shanghai plant诺华上海研发中心铝型材加工项目

The new plant of approx. 5 billiion was invested by Novartis for its R & D. YOTTAWIT provided consultancy for the machining of massive aluminum structures supporting the buildings’ glass walls. We helped on the supplier audition & selection, discussions, coordination and expediting. All we did is to give our customer another guarantee of quality and efficiency for their project.

        该基地是诺华投资50亿人民币的心基地,位于上海浦东,定位于研发中心。尧为在基地建筑铝型材加工上提供了咨询服务,帮助客户审查并选定合适工厂、讨论、项目协助和催交等工作。 我们所做的就是要给客户工程的质量和效率多一份保障!



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